Kenston School News
September 9, 2021 by Staff Report

Kenston junior Victor Como has been selected to the Ohio Attorney General's Teen Ambassador Board...

Como Named to Ambassador Board

Kenston junior Victor Como has been selected to the Ohio Attorney General’s Teen Ambassador Board. The Attorney General’s Teen Ambassador Board gives Ohio’s teens an unparalleled opportunity to engage in government and law.

Students will address some of the most significant issues facing Ohio and develop solutions to improve the lives of Ohioans. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to receive training on important and pertinent matters, meet with elected officials and interact with assistant attorneys general.

Practice Makes Perfect

Kenston wants its schools to be a safe and peaceful environment for children to learn. Everyone must know the plan and his or her role before an emergency.

That is why the district practices school safety and security training/drills throughout the school year. Kenston conducts mock drills for fires, natural disasters, lockdown and bus evacuations. The drills are conducted in conjunction with local first responders. The training is tailored for different age groups.

On Sept. 1, districtwide bus evacuation drills were conducted. Students practiced three types of evacuations drills: exiting the bus from the front, back of the buses, half exiting through the front door and half exits via the rear door and quickly moving to a place of safety 100 feet away from the bus.

Thank you, First Responders

On Aug. 20, during the Kenston versus Chagrin Falls football pregame, the Kenston Board of Education and the Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce recognized the first responders who serve the local communities.

They are members of the police force, sheriff’s department, fire companies and emergency services. They are the first people on the scene; whether it’s a fire accident, or health emergency, they are the heroes that come to the rescue when one is in trouble.